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Pirityiset Association

Pirityiset is a local Leader action group aimed at developing the countryside as a living environment. Set up in 1997, Pirityiset has lots of experience with development projects and is dedicated to encouraging people living in rural areas to develop their home region, to make it a better place to live, and to create more jobs and businesses.

Pirityiset is all about activating, encouraging, informing and supporting the people in charge of the project.

We operate in Kaustinen and its surrounding municipalities and in the Ullava area of the city of Kokkola.

The principles of Leader action projects include:

  • Openness: the projects and rulings are public and information is given actively to outside parties.

  • Localness: The needs for development and people realising the project are local.

  • Self-motivation: The need, the willingness and the action spring from the people taking action.